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Equatorial Group is a diversified Financial Services Holding Company operating through wholly-owned subsidiaries focused on specific products and markets. Our Mission is to be the platform of choice for Individuals, Business Owners, Professionals, & Institutions in our products and markets including:

Investments & Wealth Management

Employee Benefit Plans


International Trade & Project Finance

Real Estate Title & Closing Services







Client Centered

The Financial Services Industry is complex and constantly evolving from Product Design to Technology to Regulatory & Compliance. It is our view that, no firm or institution has all the answers for clients needs regardless of size or sophistication.

Our business model is therefore based on Strategic Partnering with Leading and reputable Specialists and Firms throughout our products markets. We are small enough to develop close relationships with our clients. Through Strategic Partnering, we are big enough to find solutions to clients needs of any size both locally and around the world.

As an Independent Company, our focus is to meet the needs of our clients. We are not affiliated with nor endorse any product and or vendor.

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